Addictions like a speeding train


Hi friends,

Recently a good analogy came to me illustrating the process of getting out of addiction. I though it might be helpful to someone.

Addictions are like a speeding train, it has a lot of momentum built up, when you hit the brakes it will not stop straight away, it will take some time for it to stop but it will stop eventually. Have compassion for yourself during this process!

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How I got to find “The Way”

A very brief summary

Hi friends, my name is Igor Shakhanov. I was born in Odessa Ukraine, former USSR, top edge of Black Sea. My family ancestry is a bit of a mix but mostly Jewish. My parents were non-religious, we did not follow any religious customs nor spoke of God in a family but were not against the whole idea. If there was a holiday or celebration, Christian Jewish Russian whatever, we took it on just to celebrate but I don’t identify myself being of any religion or race. If you ask me, there is only one race and that’s the human race.

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