God’s Way Ltd Member Experience: DT & GW Production Report Winter 2018

I recently wrote a blog post for God’s Way Ltd organisation which I am a member of, sharing about some of the experiences, tasks, learning, training & work I engaged in during the months of June-August.

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God's Way

Welcome to the First Divine Truth Studio Production Report.

This is Lena here. In these production reports I will be sharing about topics and presentations that were delivered at the Divine Truth studio, personal experiences and reflections about those presentations, as well as the lessons learnt during the training and volunteering for the Divine Truth production team.

This post shares of the activities we got up to in June, July & August at the Divine Truth studio. You will read some details about the activities of the Divine Truth Production Team, including some of the training God’s Way Ltd members are receiving in all aspects of video and audio production.

I volunteer at the Divine Truth (DT) studio as the video and audio editor and live video switch operator. I am also a member of God’s Way organisation. I work closely with another volunteer Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, and together we assist…

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How I got to find “The Way”

A very brief summary

Hi friends, my name is Igor Shakhanov. I was born in Odessa Ukraine, former USSR, top edge of Black Sea. My family ancestry is a bit of a mix but mostly Jewish. My parents were non-religious, we did not follow any religious customs nor spoke of God in a family but were not against the whole idea. If there was a holiday or celebration, Christian Jewish Russian whatever, we took it on just to celebrate but I don’t identify myself being of any religion or race. If you ask me, there is only one race and that’s the human race.

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