Cheese Show Croped

Igor & I enjoy to experiment with different cousins and styles of food. We both love trying lots of new things, and often find things that are tasty. So we thought it would be good to have a place to share about those finds.

We do not eat animal products so anything you find on this page is going to be vegan & vegetarian friendly.

This page is going to be under construction for a little while, until we figure out the best format for it. You can click on the image to go to the recipe.


Notes on Fermentation & Bacteria

Notes on Fermented Nuts or Seeds Cheeses (coming soon)


Fermented Raw Cashew Cheese
Fermented Raw Cashew Nut Cheese










Fermented Raw Cashew Double Cream Cheese (coming soon)

Fermented Cashew Nut Cheese Fast (coming soon)

Fermented Cashew Mozzarella (coming soon)

Fermented Cashew & Dill Dip (coming soon)

Fermented Spicy Cashew Smoky Dip (coming soon)


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