The line in the sand


I wrote this post in early January 2017 but still was hesitant to publish it straight away. I was trying to find the right words and was worried about how it might be received by people or whether I would own my emotions in this post. I didn’t want for people to get the wrong idea toward Jesus and Mary. But I’ve realised me not saying anything while I’m deciding may do more damage, so with some adjustment I’m just going to post a shortened version of it now:

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From the start of 2017, Igor has been asked by Jesus and Mary to not be involved in Divine Truth production. This decision was made due to a number of emotional and ethical issues Igor needs to resolve. This is an opportunity for him to have time away to focus on addressing outstanding unloving emotions. Currently Igor is not volunteering his time for Divine Truth.

Lena continues to volunteer full-time helping to manage Divine Truth Production & Office teams and editing DT material.

Addictions like a speeding train


Hi friends,

Recently a good analogy came to me illustrating the process of getting out of addiction. I though it might be helpful to someone.

Addictions are like a speeding train, it has a lot of momentum built up, when you hit the brakes it will not stop straight away, it will take some time for it to stop but it will stop eventually. Have compassion for yourself during this process!

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