Lesson – Living Transparently 2

This post is part of the series I started in 2017 and feel passionate about. You can read the first part here. I initially titled it Living Transparently, but now I am not so sure the title covers all of the principles I feel strongly about. But I am going to stick with the name for now, because in the center of what I am talking about in these posts, is just being honest and being transparent despite the fears.

In this post I would like to share my current understanding about engaging the emotional resistance and working towards feeling an emotion of fear (fear of something that you are truly terrified of) rather than avoiding it. Maybe this can be of assistance to someone else who is struggling to come to terms with something they have done and not proud of.

I will share a story and use it to draw some examples and the lessons I thought were valuable at the time and during my reflections after.

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Lesson – Living Transparently 3

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This post is part of the series about lessons I am learning about taking responsibility for being unloving and breaking not only God’s Laws but also human laws. At the core of this is my developing understanding about what it means and how to become honest within myself about my feelings, intentions & desires. You can read the first two parts to this series here and here.

In the first 2 posts, I have been mostly writing about attitudes to taking physical actions towards correcting unloving behavior and taking responsibility for it. I am currently experimenting with the same approach to now deal with emotional issues which recently have been exposed in me with the help of Jesus & Mary Continue reading “Lesson – Living Transparently 3”

Lesson – Living Transparently

This post is about how God is helping me to grow faith and work through emotions by bringing my awareness to review an event from the past.

Emotions & Family



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Emotions & Family

Flowering Weed – Prickly & Tender

Sometime in 2015 Igor & I decided we really wanted to be closer to God and wanted to put an extra effort into this relationship. Throughout 2016 and start of 2017 with a help of an event from the past, we started working through very important issues of ethics, morality honesty & responsibility, and inequality specifically between family members and anyone else – because God has made us all equal no matter what we think about that ourselves, to be treated fair and square and each of us is as important as anyone else. And emotions or beliefs that are not in harmony with God of course will keep us away from God and from being happier.

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The line in the sand


I wrote this post in early January 2017 but still was hesitant to publish it straight away. I was trying to find the right words and was worried about how it might be received by people or whether I would own my emotions in this post. I didn’t want for people to get the wrong idea toward Jesus and Mary. But I’ve realised me not saying anything while I’m deciding may do more damage, so with some adjustment I’m just going to post a shortened version of it now:

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Addictions like a speeding train


Hi friends,

Recently a good analogy came to me illustrating the process of getting out of addiction. I though it might be helpful to someone.

Addictions are like a speeding train, it has a lot of momentum built up, when you hit the brakes it will not stop straight away, it will take some time for it to stop but it will stop eventually. Have compassion for yourself during this process!

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