GoFundMe Campaign Update

Hi friends,

First let me thank everyone on behalf of Lena and I for your financial support, kind words and care. It was heart warming experience for both of us.

11,500 has been raised through the campaign which helped Lena pay for course of natural herbal medicine and naturopathic treatments. It was a big help at the right timing. Thank you all again.

Two days ago Lena was able to access fund from her insurance. It was a much welcomed surprise for her, as she didn’t expected her claim to be approved. She is now able to support financially her healing journey for the near future at least, therefor we are closing the GoFundMe campaign.

She is still in a lot of pain and there are still many gloomy days when she’s really down but there are also good days when she is exited about life. She is doing better psychologically and continues her emotional and physical work towards healing the illness.

We will be posting updates to our blog from now on at Legor.net

Much love,

Igor and Lena

Where we at

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to write a quick post to update you what we are up to and what we are not. We want to be clear about what’s happening so we don’t mislead you or place any false expectations on us.

We are not currently volunteering for Divine Truth or God’s Way organisations. Lena finished volunteering in December 2018 and I finished volunteering in January 2017.

What we choose to do in our life is not guided by Jesus and Mary, so our choices should not be reflected upon them in any way. We love them both dearly and are grateful for our experiences with them.

What we want to do in our life now is to make choices independently in line with love and truth to the best of our understanding. That means we may make mistakes and we may fail or succeed just like anyone else.

We currently experimenting and growing faith in healing naturally a difficult condition like cancer, without going through conventional medical treatments.

Thank you those of you that kindly supported us till now. We will be back here with more updates.


Igor and Lena.

GoFundMe Campaign for Lena

The campaign is back on track. Thank you to everyone who supported her so far. It means a great deal.

Here is an original post with the link:

Lena is going through critical time with her health. If you would like to help please follow the link below or use our donation page.

Feel free to forward the link to others.

Thank you kindly.



GoFundMe Campaign

Hi friends,

Small hurdle,

There is a technical issue with the GoFundMe link which I’m sorting out in the next 2 day with GoFundMe management. The campaign is paused till then.

As soon as it’s back on track I’ll let everyone know.

Thank you for your support so far and for your patience.



Big update from Lena 2018

In my last update I mentioned that I was going to have a surgery and take time off to heal. There is much I will mention in this post, but the main thing is that I will not be volunteering for Divine Truth or God’s Way organisations for the next 6 months, for emotional & physical health reasons, and after this period my involvement will depend on these things being sorted and whether I feel passionate about living God’s Way, and assisting these organisations to further the teachings about it. This also means that I am no longer a member of God’s Way Ltd. Continue reading “Big update from Lena 2018”

God’s Way Ltd Member Experience: DT & GW Production Report Winter 2018

I recently wrote a blog post for God’s Way Ltd organisation which I am a member of, sharing about some of the experiences, tasks, learning, training & work I engaged in during the months of June-August.

Here is a reblog where you will be directed to God’s Way’s original post.

God's Way

Welcome to the First Divine Truth Studio Production Report.

This is Lena here. In these production reports I will be sharing about topics and presentations that were delivered at the Divine Truth studio, personal experiences and reflections about those presentations, as well as the lessons learnt during the training and volunteering for the Divine Truth production team.

This post shares of the activities we got up to in June, July & August at the Divine Truth studio. You will read some details about the activities of the Divine Truth Production Team, including some of the training God’s Way Ltd members are receiving in all aspects of video and audio production.

I volunteer at the Divine Truth (DT) studio as the video and audio editor and live video switch operator. I am also a member of God’s Way organisation. I work closely with another volunteer Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, and together we assist…

View original post 3,323 more words

Update from Lena on June – August of 2018

April 2018, DT Studio

These 3 months have been emotionally challenging, work challenging, relationship challenging, health challenging. Challenging! And very interesting.

Before I get onto other things, I wanted to say a big thank you for the donations that a lot of you send to me personally. They assist me greatly to pay for my small living expenses and food, while I continue to volunteer my time in the production team at Divine Truth and also can partake in many activities and projects that are run by God’s Way Ltd. This is an amazing way to live a life and I deeply appreciate your support.

Normally I would separate my post into clear sections, but I find that all aspects of my life are interlinked and are contributing to each other at the moment. Continue reading “Update from Lena on June – August of 2018”

2018 May Update from Lena

I thought to write up some of the things I have been up to as a way to review & summarise the first five months of 2018


I am in an incredibly fortunate position to be able to receive enough donations to volunteer my time for free to Divine Truth & God’s Way companies. I will describe in the later part of this post what I am currently involved in. Continue reading “2018 May Update from Lena”

Lesson – Living Transparently 2

This post is part of the series I started in 2017 and feel passionate about. You can read the first part here. I initially titled it Living Transparently, but now I am not so sure the title covers all of the principles I feel strongly about. But I am going to stick with the name for now, because in the center of what I am talking about in these posts, is just being honest and being transparent despite the fears.

In this post I would like to share my current understanding about engaging the emotional resistance and working towards feeling an emotion of fear (fear of something that you are truly terrified of) rather than avoiding it. Maybe this can be of assistance to someone else who is struggling to come to terms with something they have done and not proud of.

I will share a story and use it to draw some examples and the lessons I thought were valuable at the time and during my reflections after.

In January 2016 myself & Igor attended a meeting for God’s Way organisation, where we had an amazing opportunity Continue reading “Lesson – Living Transparently 2”