First contact.

Hi all. 

I’m pleased to let you know that Elena has made contact. Initially after her passing she didn’t want to talk to anyone as she was upset about transitioning to spirit world that early in her life.  She was visiting me mainly as I was in peaces. Eventually in the last couple of month she wanted to begin improving her situation in the spirit world so she opened up to help that is always available there. She is dong much better now. She is well on her way toward more freedom and discovery. It is a journey without ending, just like our lives here or there. 

As for me, ahh don’t want to go into detail as only people that gone through similar situation will understand. I don’t see the value in sharing my pain with others. I will be going offline for some time and closing this blog. I want to take time for deep healing and personal development. 

I wish more positivity and brightness to you all. Most importantly remember to have compassion for yourself and others.

Love, Your brother