GoFundMe Campaign Update

Hi friends,

First let me thank everyone on behalf of Lena and I for your financial support, kind words and care. It was heart warming experience for both of us.

11,500 has been raised through the campaign which helped Lena pay for course of natural herbal medicine and naturopathic treatments. It was a big help at the right timing. Thank you all again.

Two days ago Lena was able to access fund from her insurance. It was a much welcomed surprise for her, as she didn’t expected her claim to be approved. She is now able to support financially her healing journey for the near future at least, therefor we are closing the GoFundMe campaign.

She is still in a lot of pain and there are still many gloomy days when she’s really down but there are also good days when she is exited about life. She is doing better psychologically and continues her emotional and physical work towards healing the illness.

We will be posting updates to our blog from now on at Legor.net

Much love,

Igor and Lena