Where we at

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to write a quick post to update you what we are up to and what we are not. We want to be clear about what’s happening so we don’t mislead you or place any false expectations on us.

We are not currently volunteering for Divine Truth or God’s Way organisations. Lena finished volunteering in December 2018 and I finished volunteering in January 2017.

What we choose to do in our life is not guided by Jesus and Mary, so our choices should not be reflected upon them in any way. We love them both dearly and are grateful for our experiences with them.

What we want to do in our life now is to make choices independently in line with love and truth to the best of our understanding. That means we may make mistakes and we may fail or succeed just like anyone else.

We currently experimenting and growing faith in healing naturally a difficult condition like cancer, without going through conventional medical treatments.

Thank you those of you that kindly supported us till now. We will be back here with more updates.


Igor and Lena.