If only I could see everything as a gift

If only I could see everything as a gift from God.


Image yourself seeing the things that we take for granted like the air we breathe, nature around us, water, sunshine, our planet, all as a gift from God. He does not need it to exist or be happy, it is purely a playground for us to live and learn.

All the amazing animals, fascinating plants, expanding depth of cosmos and infinite mysteries that are waiting to be discovered, it is all a gift for us, Her sons and daughters – the most precious of Her creations as Jesus teaches us.

Now think about your life. God didn’t have to give us life, think about it for a moment, we would not even exist if He didn’t choose to create us. He must have so much love within, that He wanted to create a self-aware creature (human) to share His love with, and ‘show off’ all the wonder of His handiwork. Creature that has a free will to accept or reject, to love or to hate God or His creations.

Even though, in my current state, I don’t love God as much as I would like to, sometimes I have glimpses of how beautiful life can be and that the future will be amazing for us all, sooner or later, it must be. It must be a part of His design! Love is too attractive to ignore, we all crave it deep inside. It must be the only thing that satisfies. Hmm, I wish I could be that optimistic more often.

Love is too attractive to ignore, we all crave it deep inside. It must be the only thing that satisfies

Instead, I complain a lot about life’s ‘problems’ why this and that…happens, why can’t it be this or that way, why life is shit or unfair more often than not. Sometimes I let myself scream out my anger and frustration (eg: In my car) and see what feelings come up after that. And then occasionally, very rare once in a blue/purple moon I get to this space of gratitude, deep feeling of appreciation for life itself, that I am here, I see, I touch, I feel and all of it is not a given – it is a beautiful Gift.

When I’m in this state of gratitude, for a very short time there is no room in it for moaning or frustration, there is no space for holding grudges, hurt or disappointment, there is only the feelings of love and appreciation, freedom and wonder.

I wish I could stay in that marvellous space for bit longer, forever actually. I wish that for all of us. I hope we’ll get there sooner.

Your brother,

One thought on “If only I could see everything as a gift

  1. Kirsten Bernstorff Schrøder

    Dear Igor
    Thank you for giving – sharing you.
    I live in Danmark – and have not yet found anyone being able to listen to Jesus. Do you know of any other Danes contacting you?
    Regarding myself, the latest thing I have to look at, is my need to do make myself feel good “To feel good” Such a trap. I look forward to get into it.
    Thank you for letting light on how it feels for you to be here in the physical univers.
    I will go outside now and cut my garden hedge and appreciate the wonder of everything.

    Much love Kirsten


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