Few Projects


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has donated to myself in the past month, I am very grateful for your donations which assist me to support myself. They help me to continue assisting with Divine Truth production.

Igor also would like to thank those who donated to him, while donations to Igor have reduced due to his time away from volunteering for Divine Truth, which is understandable, he just wanted to thank those who donated.

Also I would like to thank everyone who has responded and adopted to the new ways to donating to us, I understand that it required you to go back and change the bank account or PayPal details, but we are very grateful as it assists us with our accounting.



I thought to share with you projects I am personally very excited about that are all coming together in the coming weeks-months.

  • Clips (a complete redesign of workflow and team structure)

Few months ago YouTube made some changes that now prevent any video longer than 1 hour to be edited using its online editor. This has completely stopped all Divine Truth clippers from producing clips. It meant that we needed to think of a long term solution that was independent from what YouTube decides to do. Jesus and a small team of people are now in the process of finalising the way Clips Team operates. There will be different roles within the team, members will find it easier to work with the new workflow. These are really exciting changes for the existing team members as well as for the members in the future. Many hours went into redesigning of the workflow and creating templates with programmed formulas and automations all to assist for data to be collected accurately, efficiently and easier for team members. All team members still need to have the right attitude to being of service, be able to follow instructions, work independently, have good English grammar skills and be thorough. Clips project was previously co-managed by Maureen who managed and assisted with training of all new clip team members as well as at this time she is the main contributor to creating of all DT clips themselves. The clips team now will become part of the Divine Truth Records Team and will adapt a completely new workflow. In few weeks Mary will do a detailed update on the changes in this team. If you are desirous to join the Clip Project to create new clips for DT Clip Channel, just email with your expression of interest: clips@divinetruth.com

  • Catching Up With FAQ Systems

The past year has been so busy that caused a lot of projects to be postponed or pushed down the priority list.

We have a new helper in FAQ team, Courtney Pool, who has been helping us with decoding hand written questions from Assistance Groups (AG) and entering them into a file. Thank you Courtney. There are big changes happening to the FAQ master lists, how the questions, to be used in future FAQ sessions, are filed. There was a need of a single file that could be used to collect thousands of questions people send via emails or submit at the AG. A proper file will be created in the future, pre programmed and organised so logging and sorting of the questions is easy. In the meantime, we are in the process of extracting thousands of questions from dozens of word files, your emails, and logging them into a single file with strict categorising system.

  • Videos

There are some casual presentations that Jesus has done this year, as part of the training program, which will be edited in the coming weeks to go onto DT website.

For some time myself and Igor have been working on creating training videos about how to use Divine Truth website, YouTube channels and the Divine Truth HDD. While I am still planning to finalise these in the future, once Divine Truth website has made its major change into a site with a back-end database which will offer new exciting for all users features, thanks to all the work and knowledge that Jesus personally is putting into it; and more planning, recording and production is done for it to happen. For those who have been asking me about training videos, sorry but they won’t be ready until all changes happen and a proper documentation of these changes is done. However in the meantime, if you didn’t know, there are pages on Divine Truth website created by Jesus & Mary, that contain detailed documentation for how to navigate the website and find material, I feel many will find this information of assistance, here are the links to these pages with instructions.

How to use Divine Truth Website here

How to find Divine Truth presentations and all of the related to them information on Divine Truth Website

How to browse and find Divine Truth presentations on Divine Truth YouTube channels

  • Automation

Many processes in Divine Truth production are time taxing and can not be automated with custom coded programs, however Jesus is now designing future proof systems that will expand ways data can be extracted and searched for, however this requires one very powerful quality – consistency, in a way that data has been collected, processed and stored; so he is in the process of teaching everyone involved in the processes to adopt and understand the power of consistency. Being consistent means that some of the processes can become automated, new ways of using data can be adopted in the future, most importantly there will be no need to going back to redo many tasks all over again. If you feel that consistency is only for technical tasks, you will be surprised that this is not the case. God is very consistent in His planning and Her creation of Laws that make sure that things are created consistently in Love and Truth, therefore function perfectly every time. I am starting to understand how important consistency is in my own everyday life and actions.

  • Creating Divine Truth Production Workflow Templates

In December and January I was part of the training program. I was assisting with training others and getting trained myself. One of the many tasks we did, was to understand and document a camera set up procedure. The idea is that once you fully understand what you need to do, you document it in such a way that it makes sense to someone who reads it and does not have an experience with the task described but able understand the steps and complete the set up using the instructions. This is actually harder to do than it sounds, as the guys who have attempted at it found out, because in order to document something you actually have to fully understand it yourself (I know that those guys now know why we asked them to document the process) We are now desiring to create similar procedure lists, documentations for every process within production team and beyond. These also can be used in training & volunteer programs and God’s Way Projects

  • Documentation
20170225 Noosaville Igor Drone
20170225 Noosaville – Igor – Drone

Igor & I are interested in observing the changes that happen to the land when love and care is applied, well we have been also documenting the damages done to the local properties but that’s for another post; so we have been documenting the property we are renting, in this instance using a drone, to see changes occurring over the years. We also been asked to do that for other properties in the area, which are going through a more rapid recovery processes, due to the projects that people who care after those properties do on them, so we are documenting those as well. Here is a snippet what a drone image can look like. In the future it will be of real benefit to review the changes over time and to compare for education purposes. As a bonus much of the footage we will be using in future documentaries that we have big plans for. If you are doing something on your block, small or large, I would encourage to document everything before you proceed with your projects and then every 6-12 months depending on how fast the changes are happening.

  • Animation – first steps

At last Igor and I started to experiment with animation. For the last 3-4 weeks, Igor has been spending large amount of hours daily, in between his own experiments with self responsibility, learning various software and techniques to be able to animate images for illustration purposes. I have a lot of work to do on catching up with Igor and his skills, so for now I am just doing the side jobs like planning out the project, helping with re-tracing of the images or with audio. In the future we hope we can come up with ways to illustrate Divine Truth to children and adults using all kinds of media.

To really get going with our passions, there are some things that me and Igor need to work on emotionally, fears & addictions that stop us becoming truly productive; as well as do some upgrades technologically. At the moment my own computer can only perform one task at a time, and can not open or close files with ease. Donations we receive have not allowed us to upgrade our computer systems at home to handle heavy video & image processing but we start slow and small and will grow as our passion and donations grow. We are looking into technology that will handle heavy processing of video, audio & image; along with external storage that we can work from and back up to. This will allow us to implement many ideas we personally have about presenting Divine Truth we learn in documentaries, animations, computer applications and other various formats.

  • God’s Way Projects

This deserves its own post. But in short, I recently was a guest by invitation at one of the God’s Way meetings where some very exciting and practical projects have been discussed that will be running in the near future. If you are also passionate about being of service to others and helping the world, researching, learning about, innovating, channelling, taking actions in any of the following areas, make sure you check out the God’s Way blog site for updates on these projects as they become available or email office@godsway.net

  1. Food – healing environment, production for human & all living creatures consumption
  2. Water – collection for human & all living creatures consumption, for environmental improvement, filtration and storage
  3. Waste – designing & experimenting with scalable systems, management and decomposition
  4. Energy – designing methods to conduct low to high capacity cosmic energy modules, scalable, innovative thinking
  5. Building – creating living environments, experimenting with materials, designs, scale, methods

I will update on other projects as they move from planning stage and become live.

До скорого (till next time)…

Native Bees on a Passionfruit Blossom

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