2017 March Update & Changes to Donations

It has been too long since I have posted anything on here or spoke of any changes or updates, and I have much to share with you and I want to give my thanks. I have some important changes to tell you all about, and if you donated to myself and Igor in the past, these changes will affect how you can donate to us from now on, so please read on. If you only wish to read about the changes to donations you can jump straight to the sections Important Announcement & Changes to Donation Page.


Thank you

Important Announcement

Changes to Donation Page

Thank you

Firstly myself and Igor would like to thank all of you who donated to us through out 2016. Thank you very much for your donations, they mean a lot to us and allow us to live a life of service and do things we enjoy, while still paying for our ongoing expenses. No matter how small or large the donation is, they all matter and all help us along with paying for our expenses. This way of life is not a small deal for us, and we are very grateful for it. We acknowledge all of you and are very grateful to everyone who thought of us, donated and supported us along this way.

Sometimes Igor and I receive donations from people we have never met in person, I just wanted to say hello and thank you, and I hope I get to meet you all one day in the future.

Assistance Groups – preparing for participants

2016 was filled with Divine Truth events, as you probably know jam packed with Assistance Groups. Your donations have helped us to concentrate on helping with these events and their preparation. Just to summarise in short what our year looked like, we were: working with video & audio equipment, helping with organising of the studio early in 2016 (more on this in another post – because it changed how everything is stored in our own home and in my head too), 3 months out of 12 last year we have volunteered at the assistance group’s venue and all up around 6 months were spent on helping with post-production of all of the data collected at the events and put into audio & video files. These are now available offline and online, thanks to Jesus’ enormous effort with organising it all together and managing the entire operation. Without your financial support Igor & I could not have given all our efforts to these amazing projects which we have enjoyed so much doing.

I want to especially thank Jesus & Mary for their care, love, friendship, support and donations, and for educating me in ethics, morality, love and God’s Laws. These guys are superheros for me, and by progressing in their ways to God, they are sharing everything they are learning with anyone who is willing to hear. I have been working on opening my ‘ears’ to hear them, and to trust their encouragements to embrace the challenges in my own life, in myself. I am so grateful to them for inspiring my will to embrace a lot of challenges and experiences and as a result affecting my life for real. I feel I am finally moving towards God and starting to feel positive about my life in general.

I also wish to thank all of my friends who have been supporting of me not just in 2016 but through out tough times in 2014 through to now, who gave me so much encouragement and stayed true and honest with myself. I love growing our friendship to be more true and based on love not on addictions.

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Important Announcement

Midway in December of 2016, Jesus and Mary had a chat with Igor & I and asked Igor to not volunteer for Divine Truth. You can read about this in Igor’s own post here. They explained to us in detail the reasons for this not so easy decision, to summarise it for you,  Igor has not yet developed a heartfelt desire to change, he often used ‘busy with work’ as an excuse to not give himself time to resolve emotional reasons within himself that caused him to ignore very important and serious issues in his life that needed his full attention and sincerity.

In addition to the issue I mentioned above, there are some other unloving behaviours Igor has to address in order to be able to volunteer his time again for Divine Truth. The emotional issues that cause him to not desire personal truth and personal development in love, to not be able to follow instructions from Jesus without opposing him or disagreeing, he needs to look at the desire to feel arrogant in the team environment, work towards having better attitudes towards being of service and better attitudes towards myself (Lena) because we both work on the team and these attitudes affect how we work.

I hope Igor will choose to write more about his emotional journey and what has unfolded for him as I see his current experiences so powerful and life changing and may benefit someone else.

Jesus & Mary felt it was important time in Igor’s life, when they asked him to take time away and that it was exceptionally important to not support Igor’s desire to deny acknowledgement of his choices and help him see consequences of those choices. They showed him a real care for his wellbeing and love for him.

Lena, Igor, Jesus & Mary @ Assistance Groups 3, 2016

All of this happened in the middle of the Divine Truth training program that was running at the time, you can read about it in Mary’s blog here, as well as we were in the midst of editing of the Assistance Group 3 (AG3), which meant that all of the processes that were normally shared between Jesus, Igor & I, were left to Jesus & I. Jesus & I have spent most of our time in December & January up-skilling and editing, creating new workflows, Jesus was setting up audio equipment for the training program, amongst all other tasks and requirements he normally does for website & management of all teams, while editing all of the audio files and chapter marker files from the AG3, audio & video compression and YouTube uploads, in order for us to complete the groups before the end of January. The two months following the end of AG3 were, what I call, seriously busy.

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Changes to Donation Page

Due to the changes mentioned above, we have now changed the way you can donate to myself & Igor. In the past you were able to donate towards myself and Igor into one bank account (joined) or to our PayPal account. This is no longer possible and I will explain below. Next I will explain the changes about donations to Lena, donations to Igor and what is going to happen to our old joined donation details.


We have changed our banking details. Lena & Igor now have separate bank accounts, and seperate PayPal accounts, which means that we can now separately receive donations or individually get paid if we pick up any paid job on the side.

Igor & I have separated our banks details due to Igor not currently volunteering his time for Divine Truth. Donations directly to Lena are now possible using her new banking and PayPal details as well as TransferWise services. I am aware that not all bank deposit processes allow to have notes added, but when it is possible please use the code LenaDon, it will help me greatly to set up automatic allocation of all donations as income. I will be managing the donation funds to pay for business and personal expenses, credit commitments and bills. Igor will be responsible for his financial situation.

Personal donations specifically to Igor can still be made using his details found on our donation page. Please use the code IgorDon for them.

Our new PayPal and bank accounts are different to what you have previously used to donate into. You can find these details on our donation page mentioned above. This obviously effects those of you who have set up recurring payments. Can I please ask if you still wish to make donations to myself or Igor, that you check the bank or PayPal details and change them to what we have set up on the donation page.

Our joined bank account, which you have been donating into, will remain open for past donations. In case you are wondering about the PayPal account that was used previously to donate both to myself and Igor, it will now be used for donations to Igor personally as it is linked to his personal email address.

While changes to how myself & Igor can now receive donations were emotionally and technically difficult for me (because it involved redesigning our entire accounting structure), however we both feel that this is the most ethical way to go about, it also helps us to have a future proof system where we both are responsible for our finances.

Thanks Guys
Till next time, with love Lena.

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