How I got to find “The Way”

A very brief summary

Hi friends, my name is Igor Shakhanov. I was born in Odessa Ukraine, former USSR, top edge of Black Sea. My family ancestry is a bit of a mix but mostly Jewish. My parents were non-religious, we did not follow any religious customs nor spoke of God in a family but were not against the whole idea. If there was a holiday or celebration, Christian Jewish Russian whatever, we took it on just to celebrate but I don’t identify myself being of any religion or race. If you ask me, there is only one race and that’s the human race.

In 1995 when I was 15 my family migrated to Australia. It was a major change for the family but we embraced it and never looked back and it felt like a good decision, except for my father. He has struggled from the start and never really adjusted to a new life for a number of reasons. His alcohol addiction took better of him and he past away in 2001 at 51 years of age.

I have enjoyed life in Australia most part, from the start this country felt safer, more stable, with more opportunities than Ukraine. I did not have too much trouble fitting in or making friends. I finished school, had a go at uni but found my self in urgent need of money so I started working in building trade as a plasterer.

In my late twenties I have started to question this thing we call life. I was already married to my beautiful girl Lena, working hard just to keep a float, trying to enjoy the process but the questions, as it does for some, kept bugging me, is this really it? Is there more to this Life? Can I ever be happy? No one seems to be, really. Am I making the right choices? Is humanity making right choices? Does not look like it, judging by the state of the world we live in. Can I better myself somehow? Is there a deeper meaning to our existence, to life, is there more?

So I’ve started to investigate and experiment with different concepts and ideas and very soon I had the attraction event somewhere around 2009! The builder I was working for at a time came up to me one day and handed me a DVD hand written “Secrets of the Universe” and said: “You will be interested in this”, like he already knew that I will. He added: “Well this guy reckons he’s Jesus but just hear what he’s saying!” So that day I’ve watch my first seminar and boom! Rapidly it started to hit me, wow this is it isn’t it, it is The Truth, I said to my self, this seems real, it’s happening, is this Second Coming as many talked about?

As I watched more material, the importance of this information started to have an effect on me, I said to myself  “This is vital information people got to know!”. Soon enough I was telling everyone, friends, workmates, just random people, I wanted to put posters on the streets, stencil the pavements drop flyers out of the helicopter or just shout: God is Love, there is no death, Jesus is back and he speaks of “secrets of life” There is hope for this world, This Truth will set us free!… Of cause by that stage all my friends thought that I have gone a bit crazy and that it was another of my investigative experiments but I did not care about that any more, I was just excited about all these potentials that I’m learning. Soon enough beside other reasons, I wanted to be closer and more involved with Divine Truth somehow, so myself and Lena moved closer to where Jesus was presenting at the time.

I felt very strongly that this information must be available to everyone right now as there was hardly anything on the internet about it, and DVDs where not that easily available. Jesus said that it was not his truth it’s God’s and cannot be claimed or copy-written. So I got my hands on bunch of DVDs, bought myself a decent computer on my overdrawn credit card and said to my self: I will not sleep easy until the Truth is out there, so I’ve stared uploading everything on to YouTube. Shortly after, I found out that there was nobody helping Jesus at that time with video production so I’ve offered to help and he let me and we have not stopped since.

There is a lot of information on Divine Truth channels now so I can more or less sleep better now or can I? No I can’t because there is a lot of personal emotional work to be done now, so maybe I’ll sleep easy if I ever reach atonement with God.

Jokes aside, some of the amazing potentials of what is waiting for us if we embrace the way have been reviled by Jesus, so let’s try to get there and see, many others (spirits) did already. We got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Ok, there is a lot more to this story of course, but I wanted it to be a brief post. I’m happy for you my brother or sister that you discovered The Teachings, even though you may not feel so happy at times when hard emotions come up but I feel this is a real deal and only good or even amazing things will come from it.

With Love, your brother



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