Update & Thank You

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the blog.

The main purpose for this post is to thank every person who has donated and supported Igor and I. I will try my best to stay on the topic, but I can not promise not to say some things that are just too important or I find too exciting to leave out. But mainly this is a post about donations.

Firstly I am most excited to get to write my thanks and appreciations to people who have been so kindly and generously donating to myself and Igor and supporting us in our work.

I remember the first Divine Truth seminar recording with Mary, that Igor and I did on the 30th of January 2011. I was so nervous and can barely remember the event, but I can remember I was also excited to be present there! And I still am.

Since around 2012 we have started to receive donations, and since almost all of them are not hand in hand, but done mostly electronically and anonymously, we never had such an opportunity to really say how we feel about your donations and what a gift it is to us. So this is probably why this post is going to be charged with a 4 years worth of gratitude and appreciation.


Most importantly I would like to say a huge thank you to Jesus and Mary. If you guys reading this, you know how you have helped me personally so much in these years and have extended your kindness and friendship beyond what I ever hoped for. And I would like to say how very grateful I am that myself and Igor have met you and have this unbelievable opportunity to learn so much about God and God’s creations, ourselves and our choices, about you and your inspiring character and your journey, about my personal potential and the potential for humanity, I probably don’t realise what it means to me at this time and how important this opportunity really is.

You guys have also supported myself and Igor at our most lows, and continue to support us emotionally and financially.

Which is kind of strange as I know myself an Igor just wanted to help you guys and to help the truth to be available to anyone around the world. But somehow I personally gain so much more in my soul and life, that I feel like I am not giving enough at this time.

With your honesty and kindness,  I have never had friends like you.

Thank you for your continuous encouragement for me to engage the Truths personally and take this opportunity. God knows, how long I erroneously thought that the change will magically happen for me without me doing sincere emotional work. And that my fears will just subside on their own.

I would also like to express my Big thankyou to everyone who has financially donated little or large to myself and Igor, from the very beginning, or a one off donation or some of you who support us on the regular basis. As all of your donations combined, have made it possible for us to cover our basic living expenses while focusing our time on being involved in Divine Truth video production.

The last 6 years have been a very emotional journey.

I would like to mention that myself and Igor have huge money issues, related to various false emotional beliefs about money, work, life, authority & self-worth. So offering our time as a gift and in the process attempting to honour God’s principles, has triggered all those false beliefs. So it has been and still is a bumpy emotional ride at times.

Many events have happened in the last 5-6 years, maybe it’s best to describe them at another time, in my weak attempt to make this letter a little shorter. One thing is for sure, many lessons have been learned but many more are still to learn.


When Igor and I have first started to help with Divine Truth production, we relied on either government support or our personal savings and my superannuation funds, which kept us going initially. This was not an ideal solution as it didn’t and couldn’t last long, savings run out very quickly as you all know.

In the early days Igor and I were not very open to receiving any donations or support from people and that has affected the donations we received which was not enough to support even one person for bare minimum expenses.

Things have changed over the years, so I would like to share a little bit about it.

Unlike previous financial year, this year, which is from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 has been relatively quiet in terms of donations. I will write more about some of the things myself and Igor did this year later in the post.

Before I go into some details of this year, I would just like to briefly take us back to the year of the first australian assistance group (AAG) in 2014.

That financial year was very special for many important emotional reasons, in addition to the financial reasons, as it was the first year when myself and Igor have managed to live of almost entirely on donations you have gifted to us.  Igor has locally done some plastering work to boost our income, but other than that it was all you!

That year has started of with preparing for the 2014 AAG. It was super busy and exciting and I was nervous and emotional. And then the busy assistance groups took place. The busyness went on until mid October with editing the 70 or so hours of the material which we have recorded. Lots of time went into that amazing project.

We had a new set up done for that event. Since the groups were run locally in Australia, it allowed us to have all of the required Divine Truth equipment brought over in order to have the best results in the given conditions, which included 4 cameras view plus the projector screen view, full sound system and video switching system set up. As well as all the back up & set up equipment that Jesus had all to himself to work with. Well as a result of this expanded setup with 4 camera views, we had at least double the volume of data to work with than usual.

Each day of the group had a minimum of 7 hours of recording x 4 cameras x 8 days x 2 groups.

So between Igor and I it has taken at least 6 weeks working daily to finalise and output the videos and to pass them on to Jesus who then arranged them and the separate audio files to go onto the  Divine Truth site and the YouTube channel. You probably have already seen them all.

It was a very productive year for me, emotionally, but also it was a great year for the Divine Truth. A lot of material has been recorded.

Financially it all worked the way it did, due to 2014 AAG donations we have received.

I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has donated to myself and Igor for the AAG in 2014 using the electronic transfers and the donations which were gifted to us at the groups as well.

What we did was we have stretched the donations from the AAG in 2014 to help us be able to pay for our living and business expenses and to continue to work up until the end of 2015.

The truth is if it wasn’t for the people who have generously donated prior to and at the AAG, we would have been taking up work about 15 months ago as donations after the AAG were not enough to keep us going.

At the end of last year just as when Igor and I have spent our last savings on an experimental camera set up (I will write more about it another time) and were making plans about what kind of side work we could do to boost our income, Jesus and Mary have kindly and generously increased their donations to us.


The start of the new financial year was in July last year, and it has been overly exciting for me. It all has been a one new learning curve, technically and so much emotionally. Lots of my resistance to change has been exposed during our integration into the new studio and new workflow, new equipment and new more loving systems.

I am still learning about them, but I am already starting to implement some in my private life and enjoying the rewards of being more organised.

The new challenges have helped me to stretch a little more, or to be more honest and say, so much more than what I have previously allowed myself or would like to allow.

I am learning how and why I need to take a greater care in my work, as well as to start allowing myself to see the bigger picture and bigger plans and expand my learning abilities.

Again, I can’t not thank enough Jesus & Mary for patiently guiding myself & Igor through the issues we have been so blocked to deal with, and giving us an opportunity to work in an amazing environment.

The new studio is super awesome, the building itself, the technical aspects of it, the functionality and quality is very impressive and practical. And there are a handful of people who were involved in planning of it, building of it & paying for it that I would like to thank. Thank you guys. What an amazing project and a gift. And I am not talking just about a gift it is to myself and others who work there, it is a gift to everyone out there who is listening to the Divine Truth material.


I would like to just list a few ways in which the studio is a gift to give you a little perspective with comparisons:

It allows a much more reliable work flow. In the past all of the Divine Truth material recordings were done in places which were not great for video or sound quality. They were always subject to weather forecast as well, if the rain was too loud well than the recording sometimes had to be cancelled.

The material to be presented often had taken many days to prepare by Jesus and Mary and if the session was cancelled it often didn’t end up being recorded at all.

And if we did record, the files then needed hours & hours of post production work done to them in order to make it even barely suitable to go onto Divine Truth website and YouTube.

Also Queensland Australia is famous for its long hot summers, which means most of the recording and editing equipment let alone myself and Igor could not handle such extreme temperatures for the needed hours of recording and then editing.

The rented home where myself and Igor live, was the previous recording and editing studio, which had no proper insulation nor air-conditioning, so it couldn’t and didn’t offer the essential temperatures for all of us to work in.

Ok I hope you are starting to get the message I am stressing out here. Well I can say that it was a little stressful at times and often just way too hot for me to even think let alone work.

So the new studio has taken care of all of these things as the building is insulated and each room has adjustable temperature control separate from each other.

So much material has been recorded this summer and released, in comparison to the last 2 summers, when we couldn’t even switch on computers due to extreme heat.

While myself and Igor live closely to where Jesus & Mary live and it was semi-convenient arrangement, it was far from ideal or reliable. It lacked much needed space and the rest of the essential arrangements.

Since the new studio is fully insulated for sound & light from the external environment and offers constant conditions, this allows for the video & sound quality to be adjusted and standardised once, meaning that the setup can be streamlined to suit the environment of the studio and save hours and hours of time of daily set ups and re-arrangements, based on light conditions, sounds conditions and so on. So we all can give more of our time to recording and editing more and to other projects.

The studio also offers the separate insulated rooms from each other, which means that the live switching equipment, which produces lots of loud noises, is away from the recording space, which means the recording space is quiet, not oppressive with noises leading to a better working environment.

It also means less post production editing time and overall a better sound quality for the listeners, if you start with a bad sound there is only so much of improvement can be done to it – obviously it can not be excellent.

What is even more exciting for me is that the studio is like a hub for information. Recording, editing, planning and researching is all done from one place. I love being able to go there to work.

You can view some photographed references about how it was built on Divine Truth page.

I can see that when one takes a great care and love when planning a project like this, and is able to see the potentials and prospects of all the uses and purposes,  the outcome is very versatile, of quality and becomes a perfect solution and a pleasure to utilise.

I do see that not many people understand why Jesus & Mary do things the way they do. And I have to admit that I am just starting to see the point and feel the love and care they take whenever they choose to do things.

They are displaying to all of us how much care and love they give to make the most loving decisions. To utilise the resources they have available with great care, economy and responsibility and most importantly for the good of others. This is a much needed education we all around the world need to soak up.

Well, thank you if you have made it this far and managed to stay with me and my long message.

There are only 3 days to go before myself and Igor are leaving for the 2016 australian assistance group (1) .

Soo much of preparation went into these groups.

I feel I may do another post, from my own perspective, about some awesome things that Jesus and Mary plan and do before heading out on a big project such as this. I want to do a separate post from this one, as it deserves its own space.

I am beside myself with excitement and anticipation.

I look forward to learning new things, soaking up much more needed truth and insights Jesus and Mary have been so attentively working on to share with people and to meet some of you there. And feeling some of those blocks and resistance through!

It’s been crazy busy but I am glad to have made the time to write this up as it feels good to connect to people who have been generous and supportive of myself and Igor.

I am so glad for the opportunity which was given to me and I am overwhelmed with exciting thoughts of the possibilities in my life and in the lives of others when we choose to live in truth and fully embrace it .

The potential for ourselves and the world that Divine Truth opens is amazing.


Early 2013

3 thoughts on “Update & Thank You

  1. Hello Legor

    thank you for sharing the journey you have chosen. I clearly remember when you guys used to share that big dream of yours to spread Divine Truth far and wide, in the shed of the Learning Centre (“Sanctuary”), fave years ago. It is incredibly inspiring to see that dream flourishing now and the benefits that it is bringing to people around the world and to you both. I cannot even begin to imagine the impact that you following your desire, has and will have on Earth and the spirits world. Thank you both for following your dreams so passionately.



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